Ecotest: Cancer pathogen found in felt pens

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Ökotest found harmful substances in felt pens. When choosing the pens, parents should pay close attention to the toxic substances they contain.

(02.05.2010) The test magazine "Ökotest" tested felt pens from various manufacturers and found cancer-causing substances that could be dangerous to health, especially for children. A total of 20 different sets of felt pens were tested. Ökotest found carcinogenic substances such as cadmium or lead in four sheath sets. The limit values ​​of the chemicals ordinance were often exceeded for the sets. With these values, the pens should not actually be sold in stores.

Children like to play and paint with felt-tip pens. Many children also like to chew on the pencils. It is all the more important that the pens do not contain any substances that are hazardous to health. But the results of the magazine "Ökotest" are quite dramatic. Because when the pens are chewed, the substances are absorbed through the mouth. Halogen-organic compounds were found in twelve felt-tip pen brands, which include Can trigger allergies. Even high amounts of diethylene glycol were detected in a pen set. Diethylene glycol can cause skin irritation and eye irritation. The dye portion of aniline was found in another pencil set. In addition to cadmium lead, aniline is also suspected of causing cancer.

Basically, parents should use pens that have received the "Very Good" eco-test grade. Most of these pens can be found in organic and alternative shops. You should also make sure that the pens are made in Europe. These pens were at least given the grade "satisfactory". Warning: Children should not use felt-tip pens that are labeled "permanent", "all-marker" or "whiteboard". Such felt-tip pens contain toxic solvents that are inhaled through the air. (sb)

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