VDK rejects head allowance from health insurance companies

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The social association VdK vigorously rejects a head allowance from the health insurance companies: "Zero pension rounds and head allowance are incompatible".

(04/30/2010) The social association VdK rejects so-called head allowances at the statutory health insurance companies: "Zero pension rounds and head allowance are incompatible", says the chairwoman of the association Ulrike Mascher. For pensioners in particular, the flat-rate health insurance contributions that are independent of income would be "unreasonable". The VDK reaffirmed its position in connection with the government commission convened for health care reform.

"Zero rounds in 2004, 2005 and 2006, mini-pension increases in 2007 and 2008, zero round in 2010 and almost certainly also in 2011 - this means that the loss of purchasing power in recent years will continue in the future. The burden on retirees has long been exceeded. Further financial losses with a planned head allowance, pensioners cannot and will not accept it, "said Mascher, referring to the" growing anger and rage "among the 1.5 million VdK members.

The additional contributions from the health insurance companies would restrict many pensioners and low-income earners financially. "With average pensions of less than 1,000 euros for men and 500 euros for women, there is no more room for maneuver. The measure is full," explained Mascher. The tax-financed social compensation planned in connection with the head allowance would be a "bureaucratic monster" and would "turn millions of people into supplicants", emphasized the VdK federal chairwoman.

Better earners should pay more health insurance contributions, according to the VDK proposal. In order to finance the rising health costs in a fairer way, the VdK demands an increase in the contribution ceiling in statutory health insurance to at least the amount in statutory pension insurance, which is 5,500 euros in the west and 4,650 euros in the east. This would mean that health insurance contributions would also have to be paid for an income of over € 3,750 a month. "That would be the right signal for a consistent further development of the proven principle of solidarity. Strong shoulders have to carry more than weak ones. This principle should be particularly observed by politicians in times of economic crisis," said the VdK President. (Michael Pausder, sb)

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