Sensitive hormone spray for men?

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Study: Does a hormone spray make men more sensitive and sensitive? Scientists at the University of Bonn blame the messenger substance oxytocin for this.

A messenger called oxytocin is said to be responsible for making men "more sensitive" and "emotional". Based on a study, scientists found that the hormone oxytocin makes men more sensitive. The hormone oyxtocin is used, among other things. even with an orgasm and triggers feelings like "love" and "trust". "Our study shows for the first time that emotional empathy is modulated by oxytocin," says René Hurlemann, head of the study at the University of Bonn. In this context, modulated means that it has been possible to change a person's emotional world.

50 men of different ages took part in the study. Some of the men were sprayed with the hormone oyxtocin, the other part of the test subjects received placebos. In the test series, the male participants were shown emotionally disturbing pictures. According to the results of the study, the men treated with the hormone spray reacted much more strongly than the control group who received the placebos. The oxytocin group would have shown significantly more sympathy, says study leader Hurlemann. The findings should not be used to help men improve their emotions in the future, but should be useful for research in diseases such as schizophrenia. (sb)

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