Vitamin B harmful in diabetes?

Vitamin B promotes nephropathy in diabetes

Canadian scientists report in the science magazine JAMA that vitamin B can worsen existing kidney disease in diabetics. The researchers came to these findings through a study that has now been submitted.

(Apr 29, 2010) Canadian scientists are currently reporting in the science magazine JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) that group B vitamins could exacerbate existing nephropathy (kidney disease) in diabetics. The researchers came to the conclusion through a study that has now been submitted. 200 subjects with type I and II diabetes participated in the study. The study was supposed to investigate whether group B vitamins can curb kidney disease in diabetics and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular events. The patients were observed for three years and complexes with vitamin B (folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12) were administered. A subject control group was given so-called placebos to compare the studies.

But the researchers had not expected the results. It was found that the kidney filtration and activity of vitamin B-treated diabetic patients decreased faster than those who took placebos. In addition, the risk of suffering a heart attack and stroke has doubled. The Canadian scientists now explicitly warn against taking vitamin B complexes in kidney diseases. For further treatment, patients should contact their doctor immediately. (sb)

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