Red meat can cause bladder cancer

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Red meat can promote bladder cancer, US researchers found in a study.

(22.04.2010) The weather is just inviting you to get the grill out and grill meat. But be careful, red meat in particular is not exactly good for the health of the human organism. On the contrary: Scientists from the University of Texas have found that red meat, which is also grilled or roasted, significantly increases the risk of developing bladder cancer (bladder carcinoma). According to the researchers, the culprit is the substance heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAA), which is formed at high temperatures. The study was carried out over a period of twelve years. 1800 patients were observed.

HAA can cause uncontrolled cell growth, says study leader Xifeng Wu from the University of Texas. Other studies have repeatedly pointed out that red meat from pigs, cows and sheep in particular is harmful to the organism. For example, in a long-term study that was carried out over ten years, it was found that the consumption of red meat increased the risk of death.

However, you do not have to do without meat entirely. Ultimately, it depends on the quantity and the cooking time. During the study, it was observed that subjects who preferred "medium" meat could reduce the risk of cancer by 50 percent. Overall, however, it was observed that the study participants who ate the most meat were at twice the risk of developing cancer when the group ate the least or no meat. For study leader Xifeng Wu, the result is further proof of the connection between nutrition and cancer. It doesn't always have to be the beef steak. For grilling, there are also vegetarian options, fish and chicken. So you should pay attention to the variety of ingredients and do not grill the meat for too long when grilling. (sb)

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