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Stiftung Warentest: Every fifth pharmacy was rated "deficient" in the consultation. Only seven pharmacies received a "good" rating.

(22.04.2010) According to an investigation by the Stiftung Warentest, every fifth pharmacy received the rating "poor". Only seven of the 50 pharmacies rated received a "good" rating. None of the pharmacies was rated "very good". The mail-order pharmacies performed very poorly. Of the 23 pharmacies tested that sell drugs via the Internet, for example, only four were rated "satisfactory"; all other mail-order pharmacies were rated even worse by the Stiftung Warentest. Overall, pharmacies were rated lower than they were two years ago. Of the total of 50 pharmacies tested, 23 were online pharmacies and 27 were pharmacies with a fixed location.

In its test, the Stiftung Warentest evaluated above all the advice given to the customer and the manufacture of the medicinal formula. The foundation had selected customers test pharmacies in different cities. In addition to the online mail-order pharmacies, pharmacies in Nuremberg, Essen, Augsburg and Berlin were also tested. Service, advice and the online pharmacy shipping, presentation and operation of the website as well as the general shipping and terms and conditions were checked.

Creating special formulations should actually be one of the special main tasks of a pharmacist. But it was particularly difficult when it came to producing the recipes. According to the Stiftung Warentest, even a pharmacy completely refused to create a mixture of medicines for "itching with fading shingles". In other pharmacies, the medication was given to the customer in a packaging that could not be closed properly. The situation was even worse for the mail order pharmacies, of the 23 tested, eight online pharmacies refused to create the mixture. At the pharmacies around the corner, the customer's discretion didn't look any better. A pharmacist spoke so loudly on a discreet subject such as urinary incontinence that the other customers present could hear everything.

The results make you listen. The advice given to the customer was often inadequate and in many cases was neglected. Pharmacists sometimes misinformed the customer and did not recognize the interaction between medicines despite the simple problem. One thing that struck the online pharmacies was that they sometimes did not comply with the obligation to produce prescriptions. In addition, large differences in pricing became apparent. A skin cream, for example, cost 6.23 euros in one pharmacy and 12.90 in the other. Online pharmacies, for example, were not always cheaper than the pharmacies in the surrounding area. (sb)

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