Diabetes: on the way to widespread disease

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Diabetes: on the way to widespread disease. In Germany, almost nine million people are said to be affected. The undisclosed number of undetected cases is said to be around four million. But the enlightenment is progressing with less steps than the disease itself.

(April 19, 2010) Diabetes type 2 is spreading more and more rapidly in Germany. However, the enlightenment progresses with less steps than the disease itself. With the metabolic disease diabetes there is a division into type 1 and type 2. Diabetes type 1 diabetes is mostly innate. There is a fundamental problem with insulin production (happens in the pancreas).

In type 2 diabetes, which affects around 90 percent of diabetics and mostly develops over the course of life, the sugar in our blood is only insufficiently absorbed by the cells. This form of diabetes has its own options for influencing its fate. More exercise, weight loss and a more balanced diet are measures that those affected can easily take themselves.

And since almost one in ten Germans now suffers from diabetes and those affected by type 2 diabetes are getting younger, it is time to apply such measures prophylactically. Early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is sometimes difficult because the symptoms are often not so clear. Tiredness, general fatigue and weakness, coupled with frequent eating cravings and a depressed mood, can be initial symptoms that are not immediately clear to everyone. Decreased smoking, weight loss. More exercise and fresher, untreated foods are definitely measures that are considered useful in advance, not only in naturopathy. (TF)

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