Naturopathy for men suffering well and effectively

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Naturopathy: Plant medicine for men suffering effectively and well tolerated.

(April 19, 2010) As the Committee for Natural Medicine Research (KFN) announced in a current press release today, urologist Prof. Dr. Sökeland in Dortmund the efficacy of medicinal plant preparations for mild to moderate prostate complaints has been determined again. The combination of saw palmetto and nettle in particular has proven to be effective and well tolerated in long-term studies.

As early as 1997, Sökeland published the results of a placebo-controlled, double-blind multicenter study in which 543 men with prostate problems for 52 weeks were treated with a chemical urological or with a saw palmetto nettle preparation. With comparable effectiveness, the tolerance of the phytotherapeutic agent was better.

Even in recent randomized double-blind studies from 2005 and 2006, the combination of saw palmetto and nettle stood out due to its good tolerability and the same effectiveness compared to conventional drugs (alpha blockers). Because of undesirable side effects, the latter are discontinued by 60-70 percent of patients after 12 months.

In old age, the male's prostate gradually increases (benign prostate syndrome, or BPS for short), so that the urine can no longer pass freely through the urinary tract. This causes complaints when urinating, and residual urine remaining in the bladder promotes the development of infections in the urinary tract. If urine flows back into the kidneys, this can even lead to impaired kidney function.

Traditionally, the fruits of the saw palmetto have been used by Native Americans to treat prostate problems and bladder infections. Today, in addition to the antiseptic effect, it is also known to have an inhibitory effect on the conversion processes of the male hormone testosterone to DHT, which is probably involved in prostate enlargement. The root of the nettle in turn does not counteract the growth of the prostate. Its effect is to relieve the symptoms of urination by increasing the amount and flow of urine, but reducing the amount of residual urine. (jv)

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