Complaints about PKV insurance increased

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Compared to 2008/2009, around 15 percent more citizens complained to the ombudsman for private health and long-term care insurance. In 2009, a total of 5015 citizens complained about their health insurance.

(April 18, 2010) Compared to 2008/2009, around 15 percent more privately insured (PKV) complained to the Ombudsman for private health and long-term care insurance. In 2009, a total of 5015 citizens complained about their health insurance. At a meeting of the Federation of Insured Persons, Ombudsman employee Helmut Müller stated that based on the current projections this year, it can be assumed that the number of complaints will continue to increase. The projections were calculated based on the number of complaints received from January to March. The projections serve to make a trend recognizable.

The reasons for complaints to the Ombudsman were different. Many complained because, for example, the PKV contributions had increased. Others feel they have been treated unfairly by their health insurance. According to the Financial Times Deutschland, 83 percent of complaints related to full health insurance. 10 percent of the complaints were made due to daily hospital benefits insurance or other supplementary insurance. Others concerned foreign health insurance. With regard to full health insurance, 22.8 percent complained that the private health insurance company did not accept the medical need for treatment. 13.9 percent complained about premium increases and 10.4 percent argued with the PKV about the general insurance conditions. A further 9.3 percent complained about contract termination and 8.2 percent about disputes regarding medicines, medicines and aids.

The Ombudsman for private insurance is the out-of-court arbitrator. An ombudsman takes a neutral and independent position on disagreements between customers and their insurance companies. A procedure is free of charge. (sb)

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