Rights to use organ transplants?

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Genetic research: rights to use organ transplantation and embryos?

The Munich-based association Testbiotech announced in a press release published on Wednesday that it had appealed to the European Patent Office against a Merck Serono patent. Among other things, Merck Serono has applied for a patent for the production of human egg cells. According to Testbiotech, the patent contradicts the ban on patenting "the human body in all phases of its development, which is anchored in European patent law".

But in addition to the ethical component, Testbiotech also points out other facts that basically make the company's patent applications appear in a strange light. The now criticized patent is only one of several patents that Serono had registered until 2005. Serono was bought by Merck in 2006. The Swiss company was considered the market leader in fertility therapies. But now it turns out that according to the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit", Serono "wanted to have patented human eggs, sperm and even embryos in addition to active ingredients". And until 2005, under the involvement of a company that, according to Testbiotech, appeared dubious, the Applied Research Systems ARS Holding, applied for patents, some of which had already been granted. The company was based in Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. Testbiotech appeared to be investigative and found that the ARS is in a kind of gray area under patent law.

In addition to the opposition to the patent office, Testbiotech sent an open letter to Merck Serono directly and made an offer to talk. It is hoped that the association can intervene in such a way that the human organism and individual parts cannot be patented and that an ethical component is not sacrificed in favor of the economic one. (Thorsten Fischer, non-medical practitioner osteopathy, 04/17/2010)

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