Is Rösler planning an additional EUR 29 head allowance?

Is Federal Health Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP) planning an additional head lump sum of 29 euros?

According to media reports, Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler (FDP) is planning an additional flat rate per capita with the statutory health insurance (GKV). From 2011 onwards, all GKV insured persons are supposed to pay an additional 29 euros per month in addition to the contributions to statutory health care. Lump sum means that the contributions are levied regardless of the income of the insured person. In return, the employee's additional contribution of 0.9 percent, which was introduced in 2005 and is calculated based on income, is to be dropped. The income-related contributions should then be paid consistently (parity) by employers and employees.

A flat rate per head means that the contributions must be paid regardless of income. Employees with a high income should pay the same contributions as those employees with a low income. The planned reforms have been massively criticized by social and welfare associations for some time. As a "social compensation", Rösler wants to create a "tax-financed social compensation". However, the Federal Ministry of Finance has not announced what this should look like. The only thing that is announced is that this compensation should cost less than 5 billion euros. To compensate for the "higher earners", an increase in the contribution assessment ceiling or an increase in tax rates on high incomes is to be included in the planning.

All in all, these plans are the first steps towards the introduction of a general head allowance in the health system of GKV health insurance. Next Wednesday, the government commission for health reform will meet for the first time. The Federal Minister of Health Rösler wants to prepare the head allowance slowly and "carefully". Obviously, therefore, so that the insured do not immediately "go on the barricades" and "get used to" the head allowance step by step. Critics claim that the introduction of the head allowance should also be used to help contributors turn more and more to private health insurance. The health system should be de-solidarized and privatized.

As the "Märkische Allgemeine" reports, a deficit of around 11 billion euros is expected for the GKV insurance companies in the coming year. It is therefore expected that, in addition to the flat-rate contributions of 29 euros, the general contribution rate for statutory health insurance will be increased significantly by 14.9 percent. Some health insurance companies are already charging additional flat-rate contributions, which are around eight euros. (sb, 03/15/2010)

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