Frequent otitis media from passive smoking?

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Children: Frequent middle ear infections due to passive smoking? Children who grow up in households with smokers are said to be particularly susceptible to otitis media if the immune system is weakened by secondhand smoke and the risk of infections of the nasopharynx increases.

Children who grow up in smokers' households are said to be particularly susceptible to otitis media if the immune system is weakened by secondhand smoke and the risk of infections of the nasopharyngeal region increases. The Baden State Association of the professional association of ear, nose and throat doctors warns of this.

Its chairman, the ENT doctor, Dr. Michael Deeg from Freiburg points out that the ear trumpet is shorter in toddlers, the germs rise above them and can cause inflammation in the middle ear. This can be caused by a cold, for example. But enlarged pharyngeal tonsils, generally called "polyps", a generally weak immune system and allergies can also promote the occurrence of the usually quite painful otitis media.

In an acute case, symptoms usually start suddenly. The children may complain of ear and headache and slight hearing loss, combined with fever and a general feeling of illness. Indications in babies can be restlessness, frequent and rapid crying, poor drinking behavior and reaching for the affected ear.

Since otitis media are usually triggered by bacteria, Dr. Deeg prophylactically as a possibility a pneumococcal vaccination, which "works primarily against pathogens of pneumonia". Smokers are four times more susceptible to pneumococcal infections than non-smokers, American researchers led by Dr. Jay Butler from the "Center for Disease Control and Prevention" in Anchorage / Alaska in 2000. Another group of American researchers led by Martha Gentry-Nielsen from Creighton University in Omaha confirmed in 2005 that smokers were more susceptible to pneumonia.

Vaccination is viewed critically in naturopathy, as the long-term effects of ingredients in the vaccine are repeatedly discussed. Prophylaxis measures such as strengthening the immune system are preferred. And last but not least, what everyone is asking for: simply do not smoke in closed rooms and certainly not in the presence of children and babies. (Thorsten Fischer, Osteopathie Hannover, March 14, 2010)

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