Ritalin for good grades?

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Ritalin for good grades?

Scientists from the Ernest Gallo Center at the University of California, San Francisco are currently reporting on research results that may suggest that Ritalin may be of interest as a means for increasing “cognitive performance”, not just for attention and concentration disorders (AD / H / S).
The reason for this assumption is that tests were carried out on rats that were injected with the drug from the methylphenidate group into a specific area of ​​the brain (amygdala), where it led to increased activity of two dopamine receptors (D1, D2). As a result, the “doped” rats learned better and faster than those of the comparison group treated with table salt.

However, the concern of affected parents is evident, whose children with the diagnosis of AD / H / S are exposed to stimulants with a lot of side effects such as e.g. Ritalin are administered in the ongoing search for alternative forms of therapy and medicines from naturopathy (ADHD). Parents fear damage to their health and sometimes experience their own child as “strange” and “changed in nature” under the medication, which has a negative impact on the relationship. The children themselves learn that they only “work” with the tablet, which, together with their previous, mostly negative learning experiences, can lead to great losses in self-image and self-worth. Sometimes this development even leads to depressive symptoms.

So it seems very questionable if the exultant news comes from research and science that Ritalin is probably suitable for general learning and performance improvement, you "spin" a little further, what consequences this can have for self-image and self-worth of an entire society.
(Dipl.Päd.Jeanette Viñals Stein, naturopath, 09.03.2010)

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