Naturopathy: Leaky Gut Syndrome

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Andrea Thiem, doctor for orthomolecular medicine: the leaky gut syndrome

Many people suffer from indigestion, flatulence, feelings of fullness, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, etc. In conventional medicine, all of these complaints are summarized under the term irritable bowel syndrome. Leaky Gut Syndrome is an increased permeability of the intestinal mucosa and a possible cause for intestinal complaints that naturopathy knows and treats.

Examinations in conventional medicine and naturopathy
In order to examine “serious diseases” of the intestine, inflammation (ulcerative colitis, chronic disease), polyps and tumors are excluded by means of an colonoscopy. If no findings are made in the colonoscopy, the patient is usually told that everything is OK. This is an unsatisfactory situation for many patients - they do not feel taken seriously because their complaints persist.

In naturopathic intestinal diagnostics, we have other diagnostic options available so that we can research the causes in a more differentiated manner and can already treat them preventively: Examination of the bacterial and mycological (intestinal fungus) colonization of the intestine. The pH value says a lot about the interaction of the intestinal bacteria. Candida colonization is also associated with numerous complaints. Digestion residues can be measured. If what we eat is also absorbed, the pancreas forms enough enzymes to split the fats ingested (undissolved fats cannot be absorbed). With the help of inflammation proteins (alpha-1-antitrypsin, calprotectin) measured in a stool sample, minimal inflammation can be identified.

Origin and effects of leaky gut syndrome An increase in these inflammatory proteins leads to the intestinal mucosa becoming porous. A "barrier disorder" occurs. Suddenly the intestinal mucosa is permeable for things that normally could not and should not pass through the intestinal mucosa. If this condition persists for a longer period of time, allergic reactions to food can result.

However, these reactions often do not occur immediately. Since the antibody formation takes about three hours and the antibody has a lifespan of three weeks, the effects in our organism are potentiated and those affected are in a permanent immune reaction. On the other hand, the leaky gut syndrome leads to vital substance de-cites and their consequences. As a result, vitamins, minerals, amino acids are only absorbed to a limited extent.

Naturopathic treatment On the one hand, the reasons that are responsible for the development of a leaky gut syndrome must be precisely diagnosed using the methods mentioned at the beginning and then treated. On the other hand, it is often important for those affected that the current symptoms are treated or alleviated. The effects of the leaky gut syndrome in the form of allergies and the consequences of the vital substance de ite cite are the top priority in order to provide those affected with relief from the complaints.

Naturopathic treatment is usually carried out with lecithin (a high-quality fat), glutamine (amino acid), zinc (mineral) and intestinal bacteria, especially the biobobacteria, since they are responsible for the nutrient supply to the intestinal mucosa. The intestinal mucosa can regenerate and its normal function is guaranteed again. (Andrea Thiem, doctor for orthomolecular medicine)

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