Easiest boy in the world born in Göttingen

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Easiest boy in the world born in Göttingen.

After it was assumed until a few days ago that the world's lightest surviving male baby, at 297 grams, came from Japan, it has now become known that a baby born in Göttingen even fell below this hardly imaginable "weight". The boy, whose name is not known, was born last summer at the Göttingen University Medical Center (UMG), weighing only 275 grams and 27 centimeters. Previously, the mother from northern Thuringia was admitted to the gynecology department of the Göttingen University Hospital because of pregnancy problems in the 25th week of pregnancy or more than 15 weeks before the actual due date - the problem: the baby was life-threatening in the womb, but still impossible to give birth small, because until now paediatricians assumed that a birth weight of
less than 350 grams has no chance of survival.

The doctors in Göttingen could have delayed the birth for another two days, during which the mother was given medication to support lung development, because the lungs are usually only developed from the 34th week of pregnancy. Ultimately, due to complications, the doctors have no choice but to get the boy - the chance of survival was classified as "low", however, especially because the mortality rate in premature males is around 25% higher than in females.

But the boy defied the experts' assessments and was finally able to go home after six months in the intensive care unit without serious complications and with a weight of 3700 grams in December last year - and is receiving intensive support and medical care for continued good development. (sb, 07.03.2010)

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