Drastic increase in cancer incidence expected

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German Cancer Aid: Cancer diseases are expected to increase by a third by 2030

The German Cancer Aid expects a drastic increase in cancer. Cancer Aid expects an increase by a third by 2030. Around 436,000 people are currently diagnosed with cancer in Germany each year. By the year 2030, the President of the German Cancer Aid, Harald zur Hausen, expects 580,000 new cancer cases annually. Hausen told the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung": "We have to expect that 580,000 new cancer cases will occur annually by 2030 - almost a third more than now".

In this context, Harald zur Hausen once again drew attention to cancer prevention measures. About two thirds of cancer cases can be traced back to the western lifestyle. As is well known, one can prevent cancer by not smoking, little alcohol, healthy food and active exercise. You should also protect yourself from too much sun exposure and from viral diseases such as hepatitis B and HPV infections. Ultimately, one cannot rule out cancer despite all preventive measures. Deutsche Krebshilfe e.V. calls for comprehensive information on preventive medical check-ups and for taking advantage of the corresponding offers. (sb, 02/26/2010)

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