Artificial insemination: 4 times more stillbirths

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Artificial insemination: stillbirth four times more likely: Women who get pregnant as part of a test tube or sperm injection fertilization are four times more likely to have stillbirth, Danish scientists reported in the journal "Human Reproduction".

Women who get pregnant as part of a test tube or sperm injection fertilization are stillborn four times more often, Danish scientists said in the journal "Human Reproduction". In a study that is the largest in the field to date, they highlighted the backgrounds of around 20,000 women who had their first child. If a couple's attempts to get pregnant despite regular unprotected intercourse fail for a year, the treatment can be chosen as part of an artificial insemination. One possibility is in vitro fertilization (IVF): Here, female egg cells are mixed with the man's treated sperm in a test tube and fertilization is said to occur. Another option is intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). There a sperm is introduced into a prepared egg of the woman.

When examining the Danish scientists led by Kirsten Wisborg from the Danish University Hospital Aarhus, 4 percent of the women had an IVF. Some of them also the ICSI. Here, the risk of stillbirth was four times higher with 16.2 per thousand. It was found that the infants were four weeks behind in their maturation compared to stillborn women who had not been fertilized by artificial means.

However, the researchers also raised concerns that the possibility of stillbirth within the framework of artificial insemination is still very low. Furthermore, there is no background information or comparative data about lifestyle, previous illnesses, body mass, etc. for the women concerned.
Based on the available data, it is difficult to say what exactly had an impact on the total of 86 stillbirths and which causes and factors can be responsible. (Thorsten Fischer, Naturopath Osteopathy, February 24th, 2010)

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