Pistachios as protection against lung cancer

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Pistachios as protection against lung cancer

The doctors of the Deutsche Lungenstiftung e.V. in Hanover are currently referring to the results of a US study that eating daily pistachios may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer or other types of cancer. The study published last December at a conference for cancer research in Houston (Texas) showed that the vitamin E component "gamma tocopherol", which is rich in pistachios, acts as a free radical scavenger or strong antioxidant and thus provides protection before cell aging offers. Such protection - it is believed - could mean a reduction in the risk of developing cancer - and of course a possible new "weapon" against lung cancer. As part of the study, the participants had consumed 68 grams of pistachios per day in addition to their “normal” food for six weeks, which increased the gamma-tocopherol level, but temporarily an “overdose” was not possible because vitamin E was not in the fatty tissue in the body, but is excreted fairly quickly via the kidneys and liver. In addition, pistachios have another positive effect on health: Since they can lower cholesterol, they also protect the cardiovascular system and against thrombosis.

In addition to pistachios, other nuts such as e.g. Walnuts or pecans, soybeans and some vegetable oils such as Wheat germ oil or sunflower oil are valuable tocopherol suppliers - however, it should be borne in mind that vitamin E is only heat-resistant up to approx. 140 ° C and the temperature should therefore not be neglected when roasting. (sb, 02/20/2010)

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