Relationship between neurodermatitis and psyche

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Connection between neurodermatitis and the psyche discovered

Researchers et al. at the Helmholtz Center in Munich discovered connections between neurodermatitis in early life and the later psychological state of those affected.

Neurodermatitis (or atopic eczema) is a disease that is non-infectious in origin. Those affected have scaly and itchy skin rashes, preferably on the crooks of the elbows, the hollows of the knees, the neck and the face. Neurodermatitis is the most common chronic skin disease in children and adolescents. Children who have the symptoms of neurodermatitis have an increased predisposition to allergic asthma and hay fever.

The scientists around Dr. Jochen Schmitt from the University Medical Center Dresden, Dr. Christian Apfelbacher from Heidelberg University Hospital and Dr. Joachim Heinrich from the Institute for Epidemiology at the Helmholtz Zentrum München have now published their results in the "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology". Since 1995, they have examined 5991 children born between 1995 and 1998. According to the institute's press release, they examined "data on the physical health and emotional well-being of children at the age of ten, on family history and on daily life." In children who had atopic eczema (neurodermatitis) in infancy, occurred at ten Years of life 49 percent more likely to have mental abnormalities. "Emotional symptoms" were found 62 percent more frequently.

If atopic dermatitis also appeared after infancy, psychological abnormalities were more common than in children who did not appear after infancy. A problem of the affected children is the severe itching, especially at night. Scratching usually irritates and injures the skin more. This leads to exacerbation of symptoms, possible infections and lack of sleep. In addition, there are aesthetic and thus psychological aspects that can put a lot of strain on those affected, as eczema is an illness that is visible to everyone. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy, 02/12/2010)

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