Red wine and chocolate, the new cancer killers?

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According to a study, red wine and dark chocolates are said to be downright "cancer cell killers"

According to a study by the Angiogenesis Foundation, according to new research results, red wine, chocolate, hailberries, garlic, soy and certain herbal teas are said to have the ability to act actively against cancer cells. Speaking at a conference in Long Beach, scientist William W. Li, President and Medical Director, The Angiogenesis Foundation Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA said, "We evaluate foods by their ability to fight cancer" and "Our food is our three times daily chemotherapy . "

Fruit and vegetables can help reduce the risk of cancer, according to recent studies that secondary plant substances in particular are responsible for this, a group of chemically different substances that give fruits and vegetables their bright colors.

The Angiogenesis Foundation from Massachusetts has identified types of food whose chemical substances literally cut off the blood supply to tumors. Scientist Li cited a study from Harvard Medical School as an example. In a series of tests, male test subjects had eaten cooked tomatoes several times a week. 30 to 50 percent of the men then suffered less from prostate cancer.

A "medical revolution" is taking place right now, Li concludes. "If we're right, it will have an impact on consumer education, food production, public health and even insurance."

In a series of tests, the US researchers compared the effects of approved drugs with natural foods such as parsley, grapes, berries, soy and other foods. The scientists found that the foods helped about as well, or even better, against cancer. Li even goes one step further in his lecture: "For many people, the nutritional treatment of cancer can be the only solution, because not everyone can afford cancer drugs."

Conventional medicine gradually recognizes the effects and healing properties of natural substances. Naturopathy has been pointing to these connections for decades. Now conventional medicine seems to be convinced of the effects of nature in scientific studies. (Sb, Feb 11, 2010)

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