Swine flu vaccines end up in the trash

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Swine flu vaccines end up in the trash

Hardly anyone seems to be against the so-called H1N1 pathogen. As the Berlin health administration confirmed to the Senate CDU member Mario Czaja, the first doses of the Pandemrix vaccine are already being disposed of. All in all, vaccination doses worth around 90,000 euros have literally expired in Berlin alone. Over 10,000 vaccine doses have already been disposed of because the shelf life of "Pandemrix" has already expired.

The reason is that after opening a ten pack of Pandemrix, the active ingredient must be vaccinated within 24 hours. After that, the pandemic will be ineffective. However, if the pack of ten is not opened, the vaccine is still stable for two years. The taxpayer pays for the discarded vaccination cans, as the State of Berlin has to cover the costs.

Just 128,000 Berliners had been vaccinated against swine flu since November. However, well over 3,40,000 people live in Berlin. One cannot speak of a "mass vaccination" here. According to the latest findings, the course of swine flu is rather mild compared to conventional flu. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), around 220,000 people have been ill since the outbreak of swine flu. 216 people died as a result of the swine flu. (sb, 02/06/2010)

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