Industrial cleaner increases Parkinson's risk

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Parkinson Institute Sunnyvale: Industrial cleaners can increase Parkinson's risk five-fold: According to a recent study by the Califon Parkinson Institute, industrial cleaners can drastically increase the risk of developing Parkinson's brain disease. Trichlorethylene (TCE) is very often used in industrial cleaners. Based on a study, the scientists came to the conclusion that the substance TCE most likely increases the risk of Parkinson's disease five-fold.

Trichlorethylene has been classified by the Commission of the German Research Foundation (DFG) as conditionally carcinogenic and germ cell mutagen and must therefore be labeled as toxic. Trichlorethylene has strong fat-dissolving properties and because of its volatility and non-flammability has been one of the most common cleaning and degreasing agents. Its use there has been massively restricted for environmental reasons.
It was previously known that acute poisoning can lead to brain damage.

The researchers at the Parkinson Institute examined 99 pairs of twins. One twin suffered from a brain problem. Contact with the substance TCE increased the risk by a factor of 5.5. However, the entire study will not be presented until April of this year at a US conference of the neurological association AAN. Parkinson's or Parkinson's disease is a slowly progressing neurological disease. It is one of the degenerative diseases. The disease begins insidiously and then progresses throughout life. Mostly older people get Parkinson's from the age of 60.

Mechanics, locksmiths, electricians and employees of textile cleaning companies come into contact with industrial cleaners. The results of the study appear to be extremely important for the professional groups in order to be able to exclude risk factors in the future, which has long been demanded by representatives of naturopathy.
(sb, February 5, 2010)

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