Opponents of homeopathy publicly take overdose

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UK: Opponents of homeopathy publicly overdose

In Great Britain, opponents of homeopathy met on Saturday at 10:23 precisely, especially in front of pharmacies of the "Boots" chain, publicly taking an "overdose" of the homeopathic remedy "Arsenicum album" and thus demonstrating the ineffectiveness of homeopathy.

The “Merseyside Skeptics Society” initiated the “10:23 Homeopathy- There’s nothing in it” campaign. You self-proclaimed skeptics describe homeopathy as unscientific and absurd pseudoscience. The trigger was probably a hearing in November 2009. In the Health Committee of the British Parliament, a homeopathic doctor was allowed to describe potentization, the manufacturing process of homeopathic remedies, and an employee of the pharmacy chain “Boots” commented positively on the sale of homeopathic remedies. This prompted the organizers of "10.23", according to their own statements, for their action. The unusual time goes back to the Italian chemist and physicist Amedeo Avogadro. He created the so-called Avogadro constant. In this the number 10.23 appears. His hypothesis, formulated in 1811, states that gases contain an equal amount of molecules under the same conditions.

Basics of Homeopathy In the blog "Homeopathy and Research" by Claus Fritzsche you can learn more about the background and motivations of the organizers from a critical point of view. Homeopathy was founded by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). In 1810 he published a book that has remained the theoretical tools of many homeopathic doctors to this day - the “Organon of rational medicine”. Later editions, which bore the title “Organon der Heilkunst”, have been significantly changed and revised compared to the first edition.

As early as 1796 Hahnemann formulated the "rule of similars", which he later elaborated in the "Organon": "Through observation, reflection and experience I found that, on the contrary of the old alloeopathy, the true, correct, best cure can be found in the sentence: In order to heal gently, quickly, certainly and permanently, choose a remedy in every case of illness which can provoke a similar ailment for itself than it is supposed to heal! ”That means that similar things are best treated by similar things. The preparation of the remedies in homeopathy then takes place in that the substances are continually diluted (potentiated).

Critics point out that some of the remedies no longer contain any trace of the original remedy and that this is one reason for the lack of scientific evidence in the form of studies. Proponents of homeopathy usually refer to their own personal experiences. Furthermore, the acceptance of homeopathy in parts by general practitioners and the sale in large chains of representatives of homeopathy is not only viewed favorably. They mock the reductionist view of homeopathy opponents and representatives of purely economic interests on homeopathy. In your opinion, this is exactly the difference to conventional medicine in that homeopathy is more than just biochemistry or just the gift, e.g. of globules is.

In an in-depth anamnesis discussion, the means are among other things individually determined according to mood and constitution and should give information to the body. This means that there cannot be a basic homeopathic remedy for headaches - which is currently happening in large-scale sales.

Naturopathy versus conventional medicine? The background is again one of the great points of contention between naturopathy and modern medicine. Representatives of the naturopathic point of view see the life force of those affected as a treatment approach, which then has a different name in each system. In Chinese it is "Chi" or "Qi" and in craniosacral osteopathy it is the "Primary Respiratory Rhythm" (PRM), etc.

The life force cannot be influenced, only obstacles can be removed from its way. If it flows again in humans, a return to the dynamic balance between illness and health is possible. Among other things, they throw away the purely scientific approach to dealing with diseases an attempt to control nature.
Representatives of evidence-based medicine, on the other hand, criticize the lack of verifiability of homeopathy and demand that it too must be checked according to the current criteria in medicine.

Hysteria and doggedness in the discussion If you look at the many contributions of the Twitter account of "10.23" and in the forum of the information service "Telepolis" for an article on the action of the "skeptics", then the topic seems to concern many people. The form of action and the externally published appearance that the opponents of homeopathy give themselves are not designed for content-related discussion or mutual understanding. A little more calmness and polarization would certainly do the discussion good, in order to ultimately reach the best decision for the benefit of the treated patients.

In the Telepolis forum, one of the participants asked whether the principle of similarity in naturopathy would mean that one should eat a knuckle of pork in the event of a broken fibula. And another participant with the name “choernchen” offered new ways of using homeopathy: “Homeopathy also opens up completely new terrorist possibilities! A deadly nightshade is being sunk in the lower reaches of the Rhine! The subsequent dilution of the deadly nightshade components in the entire Rhine water will be terribly far above the homeopathic dosages! All life on the Rhine as we know it will come to a standstill! ”It is to be hoped that there will be more such contributions that show the absurdity of the whole thing and bring a little more looseness and understanding into the discussion. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy, 31.01.2010)

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