Instead of sweets, fruit at supermarket checkouts

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Federal Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner: Instead of sweets, prefer fruit at supermarket checkouts

Federal Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner from the CSU argues in the newspaper "Rheinische Post" for "an appetizing portion of fruit" to be placed at supermarket checkouts instead of sweets. She made her appeal to retailers.
The current figures probably provide support for this suggestion: The proportion of German children with obesity and overweight is now alarmingly high at around 15 to 18 percent of seven to 17 year olds, says SPD social expert Silvia Schmidt.

The FDP as a coalition partner, on the other hand, sees the minister's appeal as too strong an interference with the self-determination of the retail trade. It refers to the buyer as a responsible citizen who should be able to determine himself and the corresponding formulations in the coalition agreement. For the Greens, an appeal doesn't go far enough. Rather, they call for the labeling of bulky foods in traffic light colors and a further expansion of school fruit programs.

In naturopathy, the view has long been held that mandatory labeling of fattening foods, as demanded by the Greens, is necessary, but not sufficient. With children in particular, it is important to supply the body with the most natural and fresh nutrients possible. Because in the first years of life, our organism builds up important functional systems and requires sufficient building material in the form of food. In this case, not only the parents must ensure that they are offered to the child, but also the food suppliers and suppliers. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy, 29.01.2010)

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