Additional health insurance contributions also for ALG II

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Additional contributions to health insurance companies also for ALG II recipients

In connection with the additional contributions that some health insurance companies want to claim as of next month, another - hardly understandable - detail has now become public: Recipients of unemployment benefit II (ALG II) and social benefits should be the ones that some health insurance companies are already asking for from next month Pay additional contributions (8 euros more per month) out of your own pocket. Although the health insurance contributions for the needy have so far been taken over by the Federal Employment Agency, a different system applies to the expected additional costs, because according to SGB II (Social Code) they are not the responsibility of the service provider. The basis of this regulation is the opinion of the legislator that Hartz IV recipients can generally be expected to switch to a health insurance company that does not (yet) make any additional contributions and would therefore be cheaper. However, this idea does not seem to make much sense, since, according to the health insurance association, it can be expected that almost all health insurance companies will gradually adapt to the new regulations over the course of the year - money that is urgently needed to help counter an impending billion-dollar financial deficit to compensate the health insurance companies.

In principle, the independent assumption of additional costs applies to all benefit recipients - there should only be a few exceptions, for example to those who are tied to their health insurance funds due to a special form of treatment. However, since this is probably only the case for a few affected people, the bottom line is that the majority of recipients are asked to pay - and according to "Welt Online" in advance with the threat of sanctions, since Helmut Wasserfuhr, Chairman of the Joint Company Health Insurance Fund (GBK) in Cologne, which had already announced, would confiscate defaulters in the event of an emergency.

Contrary to the rigid plans of the health insurance funds, the SPD and social organizations are demanding that the ALG II recipients be exempted from the contributions - according to Elke Ferner, SPD parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, but according to “Welt online” it is in any case questionable whether the planned regulation for the unemployed can exist in court, since the additional costs are not included in the current basic security. And a quick switch to another health insurance fund would not be justifiable, because it could ultimately be assumed that additional contributions would also be due within a short period of time - the only option for Hartz IV recipients was therefore either to raise the standard rate or to abolish the additional contributions. According to “Welt online”, Adolf Bauer, the president of the German Social Association in Germany, had previously also spoken out in the “Berliner Zeitung” for the abolition of the additional contributions for ALG II recipients by the federal government, and Werner Hesse, managing director of the Paritätischen Wohlfahrtsverband, demanded a general legal claim in the newspaper.

Despite the loud criticism of the additional contributions, according to "Welt online", the following health insurance companies want to introduce additional contributions promptly, which - if the federal government does not respond - also apply to ALG II recipients:

Supposed additional contributions from the health insurance companies - DAK (presumably a flat fee of 8 euros per month from February 1)
- KKH Allianz (presumably in the course of the first half of 2010 a flat fee of 8 euros per month extra)
- BKK Gesundheit (presumably from February 1st or March 1st a flat fee of 8 euros per month extra)
- Deutsche BKK (date and amount of additional costs not yet clear)
- Novitas BKK (date and amount of additional costs not yet clear)
- BKK for health professions (date and amount of additional costs not yet clear)
- ktp BKK (presumably from April 1st a flat fee of 8 euros extra per month)
- BKK Westfalen-Lippe (probably more than 8 euros per month from February 1st)
(sb, January 27, 2010)

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