Diabetes is not a fate

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Diabetes is not a fate: there are many ways to influence type 2 diabetes mellitus. Simple measures such as more exercise and weight loss have a big impact.

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes Around one in ten people in Germany suffer from the metabolic disease diabetes mellitus. About 90% of them suffer from type 2. In type 2 diabetes mellitus, blood sugar is poorly absorbed by the cells of our body. The disease usually arises in the course of life. Type 1 diabetes is mostly congenital and insulin production is fundamentally out of order here. Insulin is produced by cells in the pancreas. An unknown autoimmune process destroys these cells. In contrast to type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes has its own influence.

Problems with the early detection of type 2 diabetes In contrast to type 1 disease, the symptoms in type 2 are very vague. With type 1 there are classic symptoms such as feeling thirsty, increased urination and weight loss. These are also anchored in most people's consciousness. The symptoms in type 2, however, are quite unspecific and, as a result, are recognized late in many cases. General symptoms such as exhaustion, fatigue, general weakness, weight gain, frequent feeling of hunger and depressive moods accompany those affected for a long time without being recognized and not properly treated. So it happens that the disease can manifest itself.

Personal initiative is in demand - and scientifically substantiated Risk factors in type 2 diabetes should be overweight, smoking, lack of exercise and high blood pressure. Due to a changed lifestyle, those affected can set the course for an improvement in symptoms, especially when the disease begins. Drug treatment is then often not necessary.

The statutory health insurance company DAK, together with the University of Heidelberg, carried out a study in pilot courses of a DAK exercise program for diabetics with type 2. Around 250 diabetes sufferers took part in the courses once a week in 9 German cities. Their endurance performance increased by 50 percent after ten weeks. "Diabetes mellitus type 2 is one of the few diseases that you can literally run away from," says Dr. Gerhard Huber, from the Institute for Sports and Sports Science at Heidelberg University. He accompanied the pilot courses of the DAK movement courses. "We know from other studies that regular physical activity sustainably lowers blood sugar levels and thus protects against diabetic late effects."

There seems to be a messenger in type 2 diabetes that ensures that our muscle and liver cells respond to insulin in a greatly reduced manner. As a result of physical activity, lower levels of the messenger substance were measured and insulin resistance was reduced.

Prospects for type 2 diabetics In the past, type 2 diabetes was called “adult diabetes” because it usually only appeared later in life. However, more and more young people are now affected by the disease. Therefore, their appearance is associated with our lifestyle in the industrialized countries and they are counted among the so-called prosperity diseases.

An early diagnosis of the disease forms the basis for specific measures. However, a change in diet to more fresh, untreated products, increased exercise and sport and weight loss are generally sensible measures. For those affected, this means that you do not have to surrender to your fate, but on the contrary, you have to become active again. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy, January 26, 2010)

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