WHO: have swine flu fears fueled?

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Hearing in the Council of Europe: Has WHO exaggerated A / H1N1 risks and fueled fears?

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) will have a public hearing at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg entitled “Dealing with the H1N1 pandemic: Is more transparency needed?” To answer any conflicts of interest that may arise in connection with swine flu. There will be a press conference afterwards.

The hearing will take place before the Subcommittee on Health of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). In addition to representatives from the WHO, employees from the pharmaceutical industry and independent experts are also heard. Specifically, there are allegations that WHO employees, as an institution of the United Nations, did not maintain their independence when dealing with pharmaceutical companies. And so the proclamation of the flu pandemic was hasty and was now unnecessary in retrospect.

The WHO announced in advance in Geneva that this was by no means the case. Laboratory analyzes had shown that the virus was severe and unusual compared to the seasonal flu infection. The declaration of the pandemic was necessary. The WHO contradicted all claims that the pandemic occurred under economic pressure from the pharmaceutical industry and described them as historically and scientifically incorrect.

She also stated that control mechanisms existed within the organization that help avoid overlapping interests between business and WHO. Since there is always cooperation with pharmaceutical and other companies from the private sector, such precautions were taken at an early stage.

The allegations arose because the effects of the virus are much smaller than originally stated, and the vaccines are real slow-moving and have cost the countries large sums in the millions. Furthermore, it is criticized that the vaccines had not been tested enough and the application was too risky, which has meanwhile also led to criminal charges in Germany against the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO).

Organizations like Transparency International have long seen economic interests at play in the swine flu vaccination. According to the organization, there were experts who, in addition to the official vaccination decisions, also had financial relationships with the producers of the vaccine doses.

In view of these allegations, the call for the need for more transparency appears to be the topic of the hearing, which was held by the SPD health expert and Council of Europe politician Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg was initiated with more than necessary. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy, 25.01.2010)

Further information

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