Second opinion in testicular cancer important for therapy

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For the treatment of testicular cancer, a doctor's dual opinion can increase the success of the treatment
Be sure to turn on a second opinion center at the university clinics for the treatment of testicular cancer

For medical therapy of testicular cancer, a second opinion by a doctor can increase the success of treatment. In a current study, doctors and scientists at the Charité Clinic in Berlin come to the conclusion that second opinions in testicular cancer are definitely recommended in so-called second opinion centers at university hospitals. The second opinion centers mostly recommended treatments that are better tailored to the condition and needs of cancer patients. A therapy recommendation can significantly improve the treatment prospects, according to the scientists.

Testicular cancer is a relatively rare cancer. Every year around 4,700 men fall ill in Germany. Around 200 men died of the disease every year. Testicular cancer particularly affects young men. About 90 percent of malignant tumors arise in the germ cells and are so-called germinal tumors. Most often the testicle in which a tumor was found is removed. The surgical treatment is followed by radiation or chemotherapy. As an alternative to the methods, a "wait-and-see strategy" or "watchful waiting" can also be selected in the early stages.

"Up until now, the quality of cancer therapy was mainly determined by the number of survivors. However, it was important for us to analyze the path from diagnosis to therapy," said Mark Schrader, Charité University Hospital, to the news magazine "Focus". Schrader is leading the study on testicular cancer diagnoses and therapeutic suggestions from second opinion centers. Urologists who took part in the study had undertaken to submit every testicular cancer case to a second opinion center. The second opinion centers then made therapy recommendations. About a third of the patients received a different recommendation for cancer treatment as a result of the second opinion. In 70 percent of these cases, the resident urologists then adopted the treatment recommendation of the second opinion center. In around half of the cases presented, the treatment was less intensive and stressful for the patient. As a result, the living situation of many patients could be improved, the study sums up. However, the therapy was also intensified in a quarter of the patients. In this way, better therapeutic successes could still be achieved.

What is alarming, however, is that the study reveals that only two thirds of urologists followed the current guidelines of the European Society of Urology. (sb, 25.01.2010)

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