Organs: does being overweight increase the risk of cancer?

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Organs: does being overweight increase the risk of cancer?

Overweight is usually a burden for our organism. In addition to possible secondary diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and joint problems, there is now a possible health risk with an increased risk of cancer.

Dr. Michael Karin, Professor of Pharmacology at the Laboratory for Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction at the University of California in San Diego, has shown in animal experiments on overweight mice previously fed a high-fat diet that the liver of the animals develops a tumor disease even under light stress. The reason for this is supposed to be a slight inflammation of the liver which becomes chronic.

It is caused by two factors: increased fat storage locally in the liver cells and a massive increase in inflammatory messenger substances in the blood. This means that liver cells can degenerate more quickly. The messenger substances are interleukin-6 (II-6) and the tumor necrosis factor (TNF).

Karin, the head of the study, and his research colleagues published their study yesterday, Friday, January 22nd, 2010 in the Elsevier magazine "Cell" (No. 140, issue 2).

You have no doubt that if these results can be transferred to us humans, the risk of liver cancer can be significantly reduced in the future by using anti-inflammatory agents in overweight people. "The chronic inflammatory response triggered by obesity and increased production of Il-6 and TNF could also increase the risk of other tumor diseases," adds Dr. Michael Karin added. Further studies must now show whether these results can be transferred to the human organism and can be used therapeutically and for prophylaxis in the future. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy, 01/23/2010)

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