Insurance for alternative practitioner treatment?

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Are there additional insurances for alternative treatment methods at a naturopath?

In addition to the conventional medical clarification, more and more people are looking for an alternative practitioner - at least in addition to the treatment of the doctor. The treatments are mostly paid for privately by invoice. The costs for a visit to the naturopath depend on the type and duration of the treatment. A session with a non-medical practitioner costs on average between 60 and 120 euros.

Some statutory health insurances as well as a large number of private insurances offer so-called alternative practitioner supplementary insurance. As always with all insurance, you should work out carefully in advance whether additional insurance makes sense at all. To do this, one calculates the contribution rate, the included benefits and compares them with each other. In addition, you should work out exactly how often you have actually gone to the naturopath in recent years. Otherwise the costs for additional insurance exceed.

Based on the insurance conditions of CSS, component alternative practitioners (status 2009), one can see which treatment methods are covered by alternative practitioner insurance. This includes services such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, drainage procedures, blood tests, massages, osteopathy and much more.

The costs for additional insurance are quite different. You can have your own insurance premium rate calculated on insurance comparison portals. An example: A middle-aged man has to pay an annual premium of 121.77 euros for additional health practitioner insurance. However, the reimbursement is limited to EUR 2,000 per calendar year. (sb, January 17, 2010)

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