Patient representative without a conflict of interest?

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Wolfgang Zöller, new patient representative - without conflicts of interest?

The 67 year oldWolfgang Zöller from Lower Franconia from the CSU is the new patient representative. In terms of content, Zöller has been familiar with health policy issues for a long time: Since he moved into the Bundestag in 1990, he has been active in groups and committees dealing with health issues in some managerial positions since 1994. He is known not only as a health expert, but also in the Bundestag for a vehement engagement of his ideas, which is expressed in part by frequent and spectacular interjections.

As a patient representative, Zöller must be committed to the interests of all insured. And this could create a conflict between their own interests and those of their clients. Because like “Der Tagesspiegel” on November 16. Reported in 2009, Zöller (Roman Catholic) is a staunch opponent of abortion. As he says on his website, he is committed to "protecting unborn life" and is a member of the "Action for Right to Life for All (AlfA)" - a so-called "Pro-Life" organization. These are organizations that work against the legality or impunity of abortions, euthanasia, cloning practices and prenatal diagnosis. In the past, Zöller gave a lecture on “Right to life congresses” with the motto “Euthanasia: Do you want us tomorrow?” On the subject of “Right to life?” In Fulda, as read in issue 67 of the association magazine “Lebenszeichen” in 2005 was. Furthermore, Wolfgang Zöller's intervention against the discount contracts has been criticized many times. "Der Tagesspiegel" writes in the same article that the drug manufacturer Sandoz-Hexal had negative experiences with the discount contracts and is now putting pressure on the CSU.

Furthermore, reference is made to the fact that the discount contracts would save large sums. Under the article there is a comment signed with the name of the Hexal AG works council chair, Birgit Braito. She explains that the discount contracts cost jobs and that they would damage companies financially.

The task of the patient representative in the Federal Government is to represent the interests of patients in Germany and to involve them more in political decisions. A message from the Federal Ministry of Health states that it will make every effort to safeguard the right of all patients, regardless of age, gender, lineage and income, and to guarantee them free, unimpeded and timely access to all medical services.

You have to wait and document and observe to what extent Zöller is neutral for all patients and is not guided by your own ideological or individual economic interests in your decisions. (tf)


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