Contradicting numbers in swine flu

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Swine flu numbers

Contradictions in swine flu numbers. Latest information on the "new flu"

When tracking the media reports and studying the relevant pages of the official bodies, weekly fluctuations are noticed in connection with the new flu. About a week ago, Ukraine was still on everyone's lips, but now it hardly appears in the media reports (figures below in the article). First, deaths were reported “through” the swine flu, now deaths are “related” to A / H1N1.

It is common to all reports that there is talk of the “second wave”, which is rolling out as a danger for more infections. It is said to be the one that is causing a strong increase in infections these days. It remains to be seen what the numbers will really look like. A look at the published figures reveals the following: According to the Robert Koch Institute, the death toll in Germany has risen to 13. There are said to be 423 people across Europe.

According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, there were 227 suspected “undesirable reactions” after vaccinations. Two anaphylactic reactions, 2 circulatory collapses, 2 neurological reactions and one autoimmune reaction occurred. At the Federal Ministry of Health it is striking that the home page no longer refers to the extra page on the new flu. The new Federal Minister of Health Phillipp Rösler is clearly in the foreground here.
In this context, it is incomprehensible why the dramatic figures published by the World Health Organization (WHO) according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health from 3.11. From there announced in 2009 - 250,000 people suspected of infection, 235 intensive cases - and on 2.11. I sent my own team there in 2009, even after more than a week there was no news from there. According to a report by Deutsche Welle dated November 11th. In 2009 and the report, only 1 death from Ukraine was confirmed, although in early October it was read in many media that 70 deaths related to swine flu had already been reported.

6295 people worldwide have died in connection with the A / H1N1 virus. For comparison: In 2006, according to the WHO, 3.9 million people (especially children) died of respiratory diseases. In twelfth place there is inflammation of the brain (meningitis) with 160,000 deaths. In Germany, around 6000 people die from eating disorders each year.
According to an article by Stern magazine in March 2008, 17,000 people die every year from medical malpractice. The "star" here does not indicate a source and this number should therefore be used with caution.

An e-mail is currently circulating about the vaccinations, and the original sender is Frankfurt doctor Juliane Sacher. In the email, it is pointed out that the potentiators in the vaccines were already used in soldiers of the first Gulf War, and fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, memory and concentration problems, headaches occurred in about 25% of them, and digestive problems and skin rashes in some led. She goes on to say that with a possible 35 million vaccinations in the Federal Republic of Germany, 8-9 million people could have these symptoms. At yesterday's so-called "swine flu summit" between Philipp Rösler and his colleagues from the countries, it was made clear that pregnant women should now get a vaccine without the often criticized vaccine booster. At the moment, the second wave of the new flu, which has been feared until now, should now roll in and cause a frightening number of new cases.

At the beginning of the carnival, more cases are expected in the official offices and in the media, since there will be more contacts between people at the mass events. In the interviews with participants in the festivities in the Cologne area, however, there is no impression that the people there are panicking. On the contrary, many costumes appear, which deal with the A / H1N1 in a humorous way. (Alternative practitioner Thorsten Fischer, November 12, 2009)

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