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Christoph Newiger: Osteopathy: Gentle healing with the hands
The classic among introductory books about osteopathy in German-speaking countries. An overview of the origin and background of osteopathy is given. There are case and treatment examples to get an impression of the practice. Furthermore, the history of osteopathy in Germany and the current legal situation are examined. You can tell that a journalist wrote here with Christoph Newiger who is closely interwoven with the osteopathy scene in Germany and who is well versed. For an introduction and an overview of osteopathy, the work is highly recommended.

John Upledger: Listening to the Inner Doctor
John Upledger, American doctor, osteopath and leading sacral craniosacral therapist, describes in this book his path from working as a "normal" doctor in the field of conventional medicine to a co-founder and promoter of sacral craniosacral therapy.

Upledger can write very clearly and does not need a lot of specialist vocabulary. This makes this book easy and easy to read, and even for opponents or vehement critics of craniosacral therapy, it offers an undogmatic representation of the career path of one of the founders and developers of this form of therapy.

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  • Christoph Newiger: Osteopathy: Gentle healing with the hands, Goldmann Verlag, 2019
  • John E. Upledger: Listening to the Inner Doctor: An Introduction to CranioSacrale Therapy, Irisiana, 2013

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